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That's a choice you make.

Do you know about Lou Holtz?

He is a former American football player or coach at various universities across America.

He led his teams to winners many times.

His spirits to achieve a goal is well known across America and other countries.

He also published books with his many legendary quotes.

There is one of his sayings as such,

'If what you did yesterday seems big, you haven't done anything today'.

Today, now and present is a pivotal moment to achieve a goal.

Life doesn't have to be complicated.

I try to keep life simple.

How am I going to do then?

Six things to do in my life.

1. Focusing on things what I want to do.

2. Being kind to someone worthwhile.

3. Believing in people I stay with.

4. Hoping my dreams to come true in my heart.

5. Just doing what's right.

6. Showing people I care.

I will do everything to do the best of my ability with time allotted.

Lou Holtz's another quote;

Problems and difficulties are also part of life.

Don't worry about problems and difficulties.

Always moving on.

I will have fun what I'm doing.

I will never give up my hope.

I will make choices for myself.

That's the way I choose to live.

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